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Mission Statement 

1) Understanding through Research.  Through excellent scholarship, I hope to offer theoretical and empirical insights into issues of the global economy and international relations, especially the economic and cultural dimensions. I hope my work reveals the ills and injustice in global societies and creates a compassionate understanding of the world. Becoming aware of global injustice that is going on every day is the first step to making the world a better place.


Furthermore, my scholarship aims to bring an understanding of the diversity of peoples, cultures and places around the world on the one hand and the common human conditions and sufferings that all people share on the other. I hope such understanding will help us take action to tackle pressing issues and reduce conflicts between different peoples, countries, and societies.


2) Sharing and Connecting. I aim to disseminate my research findings, ideas, and reflections through publications and teaching. In addition, I engage with the general public via public lectures, media and social media, as well as social events. I stick to the ideal of sharing with those who would like to listen.


I want to be a bridge between different cultures, societies and countries, bringing them together. I build global connections with talented people around the world through conferences, joint research projects and social events. Through collaboration and networking, I hope we can all grow together.


3) Inspiring and Ameliorating. I aspire to bring more people to appreciate the beauty in life through music and learning about nature. I hope my works and music will inspire people, especially young people, to make the world more beautiful, peaceful and joyful.


The aspirations and desires to ameliorate the world need to be followed by feasible and concrete actions. This way, we may not feel hopeless and helpless. I understand I cannot achieve these missions alone. Thus, I need to work with link-minded people. I welcome collaboration that will advance the well-being of humanity and our planet.

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