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Mostly, I write in English. Occasionally, I also write in Chinese, French and German. My current publications primarily focus on the global economy and international relations. I especially pay attention to cultural and civilizational dimensions that shape the practices of economics and international relations.


Many people told me that my unpublished works in other fields are much more thrilling. For example, my work on the transformation of romantic love, salsa and world music in Toronto, the transformation of higher education, and comparisons of classical Chinese and Indian music. I agree. I will slowly publish these works when I have more time and energy. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to upload all my current publications due to copyright issues. When you click the titles of each publication, it should lead you to the official page. If you do not have access to some articles but need them, please get in touch with me.


In English:

 On Belt and Road Initiative 


On Chinese International Relations Theories   





On Global Order


in Xing Li (Eds), The International Political Economy of BRICS. New York: Routledge, 37-56.

On Social Evolution Theory


On Racism 

In Chinese:

On Southeast Asia



On Chinese International Relations Theories

On the Belt and Road Initiative 


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