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Global Economy and Development 

Global economy was changing rapidly already before COVID-19. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become volatile and uncertain. 

I take a Global Political Economy (GPE) approach to examine some of the pressing issues of our time. I aim to make both theoretical and empirical contributions to the GPE field. In particular, I am interested in developing a cultural GPE theory. 

I focus on East Asia, Europe and North America, especially the Chinese, German and Canadian economies. 

My GPE research focuses on the following four areas:

1) Developing a new theory of the global political economy that emphasizes the cultural dimension and highlights the connections between regional, local and global levels. For example, I look at the various local economic and cultural practices in coastal regions in China and how they interact and integrate in the global economy. 


2)Development Visions, Initiatives and Policy

I explore competing development visions and their manifestations in development initiatives and policy. I look at diverse ideas of development, especially "non-Western" ideas at global, national, regional and local levels. Regarding development policy, I examine the competition between the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), the Blue Dot Network (BDN), and the New European Green Deal. 

3) Global Value Chains and Supply Chains. In light of Sino-American economic competition, I investigate the restructuring of global value chains and supply chains. In particular, I am interested in sustainable value and supply chains. 

4) Future of work. I focus on rapid transformations in the global labour market, such as digitalization, automation and flexibilization, and their impacts on people, especially young people.  I especially focus the future work in higher education and the creative industry.

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