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Global Migration 

Global migration is not new. What is new is the scale and the new conditions that migrants face.

My global migration research focuses on the identities and everyday life of migrants. Besides, I study how different groups of Chinese migrants adapt to different places and their identity formation.  In particular, I have studied the early Cantonese and Hakka migrants as well as the more recent Wenzhou and Dongbei migrants from a transnational perspective. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, my research has focused on the rise of anti-Asian racism from a transnational and transcultural perspective. 

I organized an international workshop on anti-Asian racism in 2021 with support from the Canada-China Initiatives Fund at York University and the Canadian Institutes of Health.  

Currently, I am editing a book pon anti-Asian racism in Canada with six professors from Canada (under contract with UBC Press). I expect this book to come out in 2023.

Besides, I am also co-editing a special issue on the transculturality of anti-Asian racism with Prof. Zhifan Luo and Prof. Muyang Li. Check out the call for paper here.

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